Saturday night at the amateurs!

Saturday night at the amateurs!

Girlboxing friend Gleason’s Gym will be sponsoring an amateur fight night show on Saturday night, May 14th!

As usual, Angela Querol has been playing matchmaker to put together a terrific evening of juniors, seniors and master bouts!  The weigh-in begins at 4:00 PM and the first bout is slated to start at 6:00 PM.

The amateur fight card is sanctioned by USABoxingMetro — and will be A LOT of fun so, bring your pals, kids and family for a terrific evening of boxing!!!

Oh, and if you can’t get down to Gleason’s Gym catch it live on the internet on  with Gleason’s own Champion Sonya Lamonakis providing the blow-by-blow commentary!

For further information contact Gleason’s Gym @ 718-797-2872.  Tickets can be purchased at the door for $20 per person.  All gym members and registered amateurs with their books in hand pay $15 per person.  Kids 6 and under are free.  Gleason’s is located at 77 Front Street, Brooklyn, NY, Dumbo!

2 thoughts on “Saturday night at the amateurs!

  1. Lisa Creech Bledsoe

    OOO, more exciting footage to watch, thanks.(There seems to be a lot of pushing in amateurs…)

    But my favorite part of this post was this line:

    “Gleason’s is located at 77 Front Street, Brooklyn, NY, Dumbo!”


    1. girlboxing Post author

      Hey Lisa! Yep, some pushing and shoving and some pretty wild punching for the debut fighters, but a lot of ’em are great to watch and the atmosphere is really fun! And as for Dumbo … we’re talking down-under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass! Hahahah!


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