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Ides of May!

Ides of May!

Bluebell Wood, Brooklyn Botanic Garden

I don’t know about all of you, but this year is going F-A-S-T.  Not that I exactly want to call a halt, but maybe a touch of the pause button to assess where things are and where they’re going!

Meaning, am I on track for where I wanted to be?  Are there things I haven’t gotten to yet that really *are* a priority??  Have I been wasting my time on something to avoid the things I need to be doing???

It figures that I’d hit upon this as the rain is starting to come down in Brooklyn, not exacting “raining on my parade,” but giving me a moment to wonder if I need to reprioritize a little with the snippets of time I do have outside of working and family and all of the rest, to make sure body and soul will get through the year without too much of a sweat.

Things I’ve discovered?  

1. Yoga at 5:00 in the morning is hard to sustain to the point where I’ve been doing it in fits and starts since the end of April. So beginning Monday, I’m cutting it back to three days at week at 5:30 AM for 20-30 minutes at a time to see how that goes.

2. Boxing once a week is a TREASURE, but as my friend YBS Talking notes, Saturday-only boxing means that I’m only treading water physically. Solution?? Pick-up one after-work session during the week. Given time constraints I can build it around three sets of 4-rounds each of activity and do light roadwork (slow jog or fast walk) to aid the cardio.  It’ll mean I have to work on things on my own, but with stamina as the goal, that should be all right.

3. The Daily Something.  I’ve really been trying on that one viewing writing this blog as a sort of sacrosanct bit of my own that I can work on.  I’m also okay with having missed an occasional day — kind of like “gone fishing” moments,  but otherwise still love putting a piece out into the ether on a daily basis. What I’m striving for now is to work through a short list of ideas for more extended pieces which I’ll start to put out over the next several weeks.  Other than that, not only is Girlboxing my daily something, but also a “sure thing” when it comes to the joy department!  So thanks to everyone out there for listening!

4. Balancing out all the rest!  This is the toughest one and I’m not so certain how successful I’ve been at this lately.  Suffice to say, my husband is the true champion for supporting me in all of this, and I mean all of it from me waking up before dawn on through writing papers for school from morning till night on weekends. And he supports me through all of it with a great big smile — even when he feels that I love my computer more than I love him!  My daughter has also been a great booster and I cannot say enough about how proud I am of her and of her accomplishments.

And so it goes … not exactly mid-way through the year, but close on as summer continues to beckon us all along (in the northern hemisphere that is!).

I can only hope that your year has gone as well!