Pointers for a Saturday boxing workout at the gym!

Pointers for a Saturday boxing workout at the gym!

Boxing Stance Diagram

For those of us who can’t get to the gym as often as we’d like for a serious workout, watching boxing training videos, while no substitute for the real thing, can help us to pick-up some pointers ahead of the next visit to the gym.

The following videos from YouTube were kind of fun — demonstrating “Mayweather-style” defensive moves in the ring with Coach Rick, the “Mittologist” from Southern New Jersey. For more information his website link is here.

6 thoughts on “Pointers for a Saturday boxing workout at the gym!

  1. Lisa Creech Bledsoe

    You know, I watch these people do pads — and Terri Moss and Xavier Biggs (Atlanta) are the best of the best — and I don’t get it. You memorize these long sequences of shots and it looks kind of cool when you can do it, but it doesn’t seem like boxing. I’ve never seen anyone in the ring who does anything that looks like that.

    Keep in mind that I’ve never done much pad work, a little with Jay, but that’s all. And he didn’t have long sequences for me to memorize, we just work on certain combinations that I would actually throw in the ring. One-one-two-duck-hook, for example.

    I can see where it would be good for part of a stay-in-shape routine, but is it really fundamental to great boxing skills? I just wonder.

  2. ybsteam

    Hi Lisa,
    The first time i saw Mayweather using this style pad work, like a lot of people i thought it looks kinda cool but how will it translate in the ring, many old school coachs think it stupid,
    as you know in a contest if you land three punches in a row your donig very well,
    but i think the benefit of this pad style is to develop the boxers speed and rythm, whether it’s offensive punches or defensive moves or a combo of both, it can be a great addition to your normal padwork.

    I copy some of coach Riks pads, (no where near as good)and the guys really like it,.
    So my long winded answer is a mix of regular pads, Punchouts and some Mayweather style, will keep things fresh and each has its place.

  3. Lisa Creech Bledsoe

    Ok, cool — maybe like speed bag or timing bag. That makes some sense. Thanks for being willing to take the time to respond, I really appreciate it!

    PS: Punchouts KILL me. Love ’em, hate ’em, they are awesome for bringing up conditioning and shot speed.

  4. Girlboxing Post author

    Thanks for the lively comments!
    My first trainer was truly old-school and wouldn’t use the pads AT ALL. He was strictly about shadow boxing, slip-rope, heavy bag and weekly sparring. No more. No less. He didn’t even like the speed bag, “damn waste of time,” he’d say, “doesn’t teach you nothin’.”

    Having moved on, I’ve trained with a few trainers — all of whom use pads. With Len Blackmore, pads are part of what we do (four rounds of my 16) — but it’s more about working on boxing mechanics than anything else. As an example, we worked on a jab-right-left, step to the side right to the body move for the better part of a round yesterday.

    As for Mayweather-style swarming! Hahaha … I wish! I’d probably have a heart attack after the second round! I can, maybe, sustain about 30 seconds, and we’ll sometimes play at that during the last 30 seconds of a round, if my energy is up enough.

    As I’ve written, my big issue is building stamina — so the fast-paced stuff has to do with building cardio and the ability to sustain offense and defense. It doesn’t replace work in the ring — pads just can’t do that, but it does build your stamina to simulate your output in the ring.

    As YB says, it’s all part of the repertoire of options available during a training session — Coach Rick just happens to do it very well!

    Thanks again!

  5. Girlboxing Post author

    Oh … and one more thing — when I sparred with Lennox a couple of weeks ago, the one thing that shocked him was when I let go with some shoe-shines! I’d gotten those from our 30-second fast paced 5- and 6-punch combinations. The cool part was getting him with a left hook at the end of it. ‘Guess there is a place for those crazy barrages! 😉

  6. Veronica

    Finally there is a real boxing workout available and Boxing 101 is it! This is not another cheesy boxaerobics production. I have watched ALOT of fitness and boxing videos, but this is by far the BEST instruction where it is broken down and easy to understand. Everything from jump rope to wrapping my hands was easy to learn from this DVD. Once I got the basics down I started the boxing camp workout. It was awesome!! It has only been a week and I’m seeing and feeling the results. A nice bonus is the addition CD that allows me to listen to Angelo coach me through the workout. Plus, with my busy schedule of school and work, it only took 30 minutes out of my day. This is the best boxing workout on the market and I highly recommend it!


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