More rain in BKLYN, but not until the afternoon …

More rain in BKLYN, but not until the afternoon …

That means plenty of time to run baby run around the block, the park or the gym.  Yep, road work!

In my case, knees being what they are today — kind of stiff and ornery if morning yoga is any indication —  it’ll mean some brisk walks on my short “hops” to work and back, and maybe even a lunch time walk if I can unchain myself (okay that’s figuratively) from my desk.

Mind you, there was a time when I loved nothing better than to run for an hour or so around Central Park.  In those days, my knees where slim and cooperative and full of a lovely bounce, especially up the 110th Street hill!

Oh well.

Still, I miss it sometimes and thought it would be fun to add some links to videos about road work from around the web.

Here’s a YouTube video from Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero:

Road work  in Central Park (in the snow) with Coach Nelson:

Coach Rick from Philly with “La Chica Mala”:

4 thoughts on “More rain in BKLYN, but not until the afternoon …

  1. Margaret Reyes Dempsey

    Hey, GB. Just back from my run. Jeez, it was a bit too sunny and humid for me today after Tuesday, when I ran the whole thing in pouring rain. Very refreshing. I felt alive after that run. Today was the last day of Week 7 of Couch to 5K. I’m up to a 25 minute run with no walking in between. Next week it will get longer. Hope you have a great day.

  2. Charlie Seelig

    Ah, the 110th street hill. Starting at the northwest corner of Central Park, running counterclockwise, making the turn to head north and home, finally reaching the bottom of the hill, knowing that the only way to get home was to climb that hill (although there was still the Heights of Morningside to traverse before arriving back at John Jay.

    1. Girlboxing Post author

      Yep! And depending on my mood, I sometimes tackle it first, coming in the park at 100th Street, giggling at the slow turn and rise before the big one and knowing it was fairly easy going all the rest of the way around the park and back again! Thanks for your comment!

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