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Women’s Boxing: This is what women’s Olympic boxing comes down to … skirts!?!

Women’s Boxing:  This is what Women’s Olympic boxing comes down to … skirts!?!

BBC Sports has a piece entitled, Women’s boxing split as governing body suggests skirts, they report on the recommendation made last year by the AIBA that women wear skirts in the ring at international competitions. Apparently this reared its head at the recently completed European Competitions with some nations opining that it makes a more “womanly impression.”

I’m sorry for the venom I’m about to spew but, WTF???

Female boxers are doing everything they can to get the recognition they deserve just to get in the ring, never mind have fair matches, get media coverage and opportunities to have their athleticism legitimized, and this is what the AIBA came up with as their great contribution!  Women should wear skirts in competition at the Olympics!!!

Isn’t it bad enough that the rounds are limited to two minutes instead of three???

Or the fact that there are only three weight classes in the Olympics in 2012???

As far as I’m concerned this is just BULLSH*T!!!

Have a read and spew.

Maybe I’m too damned old to think the notion of “optional” has meaning — as far as I’m concerned putting a woman in a mini-skirt smacks of nothing more than sexism pure and simple.  And heck, if a woman wants to wear a skirt in the ring great, and to that end, plenty of men wear them, but right, when a man wears a skirt in the ring it’s considered “gladiatorial.”

Give us a break already!

PS – Be sure and check out Michael Rivest’s exceptional article entitled A Conversation with Dr. C.K. Wu – More on Warriors in Skirts

Girlboxing on the Radio!


Here’s a link to the audio on YouTube! 

Girlboxing on the Radio!

Girlboxing will be a guest on the Sports & Courts radio program this morning running from 10:00 – 11:00 AM ET.   The show will be aired on 1010XL – Jax Sports Radio, part of the ESPN radio network.

Tune in if you can, we’ll be talking about the challenges facing Women’s Boxing in the run up to the debut of the sport at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. We’ll also be discussing boxer Ishika Lay’s recent collapse at the 2011 PAL Championships in Toledo, Ohio.  Ishika remains in critical condition — and we’ll be hearing an update on her condition as well as talking about the challenges of keeping safe in the ring.

The link is here:  1010XL Radio  (Once on the site, click on the Listen Live button on the Right side of the screen.)

Sports & Courts Radio Show is the brain child of John M. Phillips a Jacksonville, Florida based attorney with a keen interest in sports, boxing and advocacy for athletes.  His background includes groundbreaking work in the field of traumatic brain injuries.  Website links are here:  Facebook and Sports & Courts Website

Women’s Boxing Olympic Fever!

Women’s Boxing Olympic Fever!

The last couple of weeks have been amazing for Women’s Boxing in the United States as mainstream media has begun to pick up on the fact that we’ll actually be fielding a strong women’s team next summer in London.

The momentum will keep building too with the last round of competition before the February 2012 Women’s Olympic Trials coming up next week in Toledo, Ohio at the 2011 National PAL Championships.

The last three slots in each of the Olympic weight classes (112 lbs, 132 lbs, and 155 lbs.) will be selected, and it’s where boxers such as Cleveland’s own Cashmere Jackson will be duking it out to gain the opportunity to pursue their dreams of Olympic Gold.

Meanwhile, the fever pitch continues as seen in this fabulous ESPN piece on New Yorker, Christina Cruz’s dreams of not only winning gold as a member of the first Women’s boxing team to represent the United States at the Pan Am Games, but in her pursuit of the podium at next summer’s Olympic Games

If you have done so already, also check out Soledad O’Brien’s wonderful piece on Marlen Esparza that continues on October 1st on CNN. It is truly inspirational.

Here is the link to the teaser:


Women’s boxing from around the amateurs!

Women’s boxing from around the amateurs!


AIBA Women's World Championship 2010 in Barbados

Cuban women’s boxing

It seems that Women’s Olympic boxing in 2012 will be minus one potential powerhouse team:  Cuba.  Why?  Well as noted in a piece on Reuters yesterday, “Cuban head coach Pedro Roque was quoted as saying in 2009, when women’s boxing was added to the Olympic programme, that Cuban women “are made for beauty and not to take blows around the head”.


Meanwhile, AIBA (International Amateur Boxing Association) officials stated yesterday that they are confident that the lure of gold will eventually sway Cuban officials to support women’s boxing at the elite amateur level, perhaps in time for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.  The link to the full article is here.


Team USA to compete in prestigious Feliks Stamm Tournament in Warsaw, Poland, April 6-8

The United States along with 15 other nations will take part in three days of competition at the Feliks Stamm Tournament in Warsaw, Poland beginning tomorrow.  The team sported by USA Boxing will consist of 2010 USA Boxing National Championship Silver medalist Tyrieshia Douglas, the 2010 National PAL and USA Boxing National Championship Bronze medalist Stephanie Han and the 2009 National Champion & 2010 National Golden Gloves Champion Alyssa DeFazio.

The team has been training at the Polish Olympic Training Center with the Polish and Italian Team readying for the competition.  As noted by USA Boxing, “the event is the first international competition for the trio of women since the Women’s International Dual Series in Oxnard, Calif., in November and will provide valuable international experience for all the competitors prior to the Olympic debut of women’s boxing in 2012.”  The link to the full article is here.

2011 USA National Championships!


2010 USA Boxing National Championships


The 2011 USA National Championships are set to run from June 19 – June 26, 2011 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.The published schedule is:

June 19: Arrival/Event Registration
June 20-24: Preliminary – Bronze medal bouts at the Colorado Springs Christian High School
June 25: Championship bouts at the City Auditorium
June 26: Departure

Participant forms are due by June 1st!  The link to USA Boxing’s information sheet is here.

Why I love women’s boxing!

Why I love women’s boxing!

Afghan Women Boxing, Credit: AFP/Katherine Haddon

I came across an amazing piece about young Afghani women training for the 2012 Olympics entitled, Afghan women boxers eye Olympic knockout!  We’re talking from the Taliban to the ring — in a country where girls and women still struggle for the right to leave the house or attend school, never mind don boxing gloves to learn the intricacies of the sweet science.

As Katherine Haddon put it in her lead graph, “In a gym at Kabul’s main stadium, where the Taliban used to publicly execute women accused of adultery, female Afghan boxers hoping to make it to the London 2012 Olympics are practicing their jabs.”

This is why I love women’s boxing.

Sure there’s the “game” side of it and the frustrations of attempting to make it as a professional — but at its heart any woman who boxes has an opportunity to push herself past all of the crap of gender construction in whatever society she is in to work it all out on the bag.  As a case in point, pick any ten random videos of a female boxing match on YouTube and read the vitriol, if the comments aren’t sexualized then they are some nonsense about how women “shouldn’t fight …”  And those comments are written here, in the U.S., so what’s that saying???

Meanwhile, back at the gym, girls and women box anyway because they have figured out it’s a beautiful way of moving beyond that sort of thinking into a realm of physical and mental strengthening.  And whether it’s an Aikido dojo, Tai Chi in the park or young Afghani women with an Olympic dream, taking those steps — and providing opportunities and encouragement for other women, young or old to take those steps is what will ultimately knock down the barriers that still keep so many women locked up inside.

YouTube also has a link, however it will only play on their site.  I recommend it highly!  You can find it here.

Queen Underwood’s Quest For Olympic Gold!

Queen Underwood’s Quest For Olympic Gold!

Queen Underwood, AP Photo: Jack Dempsey

If you happen to have been in and around Seattle over the past couple of days, you may have come across a life-size poster of U.S. Women’s National Boxing Champion and Seattle native Queen Underwood in your travels.

Queen Underwood, 26, has been hard at work in her quest to win Gold in the 2012 Olympic Games in the 132-lb. weight class, one of three sanctioned for the debut of Women’s Olympic Boxing, and is looking for support as she trains full-time in pursuit of her dream.

Just now, Queen is in her final preparations for the upcoming Pan American Games Box-offs set to run from March 18-20, in Colorado Springs, Colorado at the Olympic Training Center.

The winners of this important event will be offered the opportunity to wear the red, white and blue at the upcoming Pan American Games qualifier in Cumana, Venezuela, March 25-30 — a first ever event for the games as Women’s Boxing makes its debut.

Queen hopes “to make history” in the Pan American Games,  “by bringing back the first Gold Medal ever for Women’s Boxing.”

Queen’s pursuit of Olympic excellence is her true motivator, as well as the driver behind what Queen calls her training “lifestyle,” which includes nearly daily workouts at Cappy’s Gym in Seattle, upwards of six hours per day.

This sort of focused dedication to the quest for gold is in the manner of any elite Olympian, whether that athlete be a women’s gymnast, weight lifter or  — thanks to the recent decision made by the International Olympic Boxing Committee, a female amateur boxing champion.

Along with the potential for triumph in the ring at the Olympics are the harsh realities of finding support and sponsorship in an era of continuing financial crisis.

Where “Queen Team” has come up with an edge is in reaching out to the public to help support Queen’s quest for gold through tax-deductible sponsorships, volunteer and in-kind support, small donations, and by building awareness of Queen’s dedication to the sport.

As Queen put it, “The Queen Team takes on the task to get money so I can train full-time.”

“It is my duty and my job,” Queen went on to explain, “All I do is box!”

Queen’s personal goals aside, she also sees herself as a role model to younger women and hopes to establish a high-profile not only to eventually pursue a professional boxing career, but importantly, to act as “a mentor to future boxers.”

Still and all, the Olympics mean everything to Queen: an opportunity to win the first Olympic Gold medal for Women’s Boxing in her weight class, a chance to put “Women’s Boxing on the map” and through her own examples of dedication, hard work and focus, the chance to show the world just what it really means to be a woman boxer.

For more information on sponsoring Queen, or just to check out her fabulous website click here.  You can “like” Queen’s Facebook page here.  And you can follow Queen on Twitter by clicking @Queenteam2012

Women’s Boxing Everywhere!

Women’s boxing everywhere!

Lately, when you type in “women’s boxing” on a google news search you’ll find tons of stories from all over the place: Upcoming title fights, Olympic hopefuls in Chicago, Manila and Northern India, and terrific stories about women boxers going on to new heights in the field.

Here’s a smattering from today beginning with my favorite from the Independent in Dublin, Ireland!

– The Grand Marshal of the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin, Ireland this coming March 17th will be none other than Katie Taylor, Ireland’s first female boxing champion. Taylor, 24, is a boxer and soccer player who began fighting at the age of 15. Her latest prize was winning gold at the 2010 World Amateur championships in Barbados last year.  The full article is here.

– This weekend, young women from around Australia with Olympic dreams in their hearts will begin the first rung of fulfilling those ambitions by competing this weekend Melbourne in the Australian championships. For a sweet article on two young hopefuls from Manning River, Australia, courtesy of the Manning River Times click here.  A second article about women from Laurieton can be found here courtesy of the Camden Haven Courier.

– Not to be out done, the Chicago Tribune has a feature piece about boxer Kristin Gearhart who will be defending her Chicago Golden Gloves title in the junior welterweight division.  The three-time golden gloves champion is hoping to go on to the Nationals and beyond that has an Olympic dream of her own. The story by Chicago Tribune reporter By Jim Jaworski can be found here.

There is tons more to report, including a Girlboxing shout out to New York’s own Million Dollar Baby, Maureen Shea on landing a fabulous new gig as the host of Mexico’s women’s boxing reality TV show, “Todos Contra Mexico.”  Check out this piece in Eastside Boxing.

Women’s Olympic Boxing schedule released for 2012!

Women’s Olympics Boxing schedule released for 2012!

Women's Olympic Boxing

Well, here it is, the schedule of events!  What a giant wow!  Women’s boxing as an olympics sport!

August 5th:  Round of 16 for Flyweights, Light Weights and Middle Weights

August 6th:  Quarter-finals for Flyweights, Light Weights and Middle Weights

August 8th:  Semi-finals for Flyweights, Light Weights and Middle Weights

August 9th:  Finals for Flyweights, Light Weights and Middle Weights & Medal ceremonies

The boxing events will be held in in the ExCel venue near London City Airport in east London’s Royal Victoria Dock.

Women’s boxing news roundup – 2/9/2011

Women’s boxing news roundup – 2/9/2011

Boxer Emily Klinefelter out of danger after suffering burst blood vessel on Saturday night

Christina Ruiz v. Emily Klinefelter, Fight News

Super Bantamweight and previously undefeated boxer, Emily Klinefelter (9-1, 3KO) is reportedly out of danger after suffering a burst blood vessel this past Saturday night in Iowa City, Iowa in the third round of her bout with boxer Christina Ruiz (6-3-1, 4KO).   Klinefelter was knocked-out cold following repeated blows to the head over the course of the scheduled six-round bout.  The Daily Iowan, Klinefelter’s hometown paper, has the story here.  Fight News has the story here.

Girlboxing sends our best wishes for a speedy recovery to Emily and her family during this difficult time.

The Fighter an all-Male story?

"The Fighter"

Director Catherine Hardwicke, best known for directing 2008’s blockbuster movie, Twilight has  revealed that she was prevented “from pitching to direct The Figher because she’s a woman.”

“I couldn’t get an interview even though my last movie made $400 million. I was told it had to be directed by a man — am I crazy? It’s about action, it’s about boxing, so a man has to direct it … But they’ll let a man direct ‘Sex in the City’ or any girly movie you’ve ever heard of.”  Read the full story here and here.

2011 USA National Boxing Championships – June 20-June 25 in Colorado Springs

Queen Underwood and Patricia Manuel, 2010 USA Boxing Championships

The 2011 USA Boxing National Boxing Championships will be held in Colorado Springs, Colo., for the second year in a row.  The tournament will run from June 20 – 25, 2011.  As noted on USA Boxing’s website, “ the six days of tournament action will feature over 300 of the nation’s top male and female Olympic-style boxers, culminating in final round action on June 25.”   This year’s competition will be particularly important with one year to go before the qualifying bouts for the debut of women’s boxing in the 2012 Olympics.  With such nationally ranked fighters as Queen Underwood, Cashmere Jackson and Andrecia Wasson in contention for championship titles in their respective weight classes, this year’s bouts should be particularly exciting.  

For more information click here.

Remembering the Prize Fighter

Remembering the Prize Fighter.

The Sweet Science.com is carrying a story about the Bob Arum’s move from HBO to Showtime-CBS  — and the potential of putting “terrestrial television” aka plain-vanilla broadcast TV back into the mix.   The main thrust of Bob Arum and Top Rank’s deal is giving him “ad spots and live coverage during CBS programming [that] will run either the first or last episode of a four-part promotional countdown to the fight show on CBS in prime time (the others will run on SHOWTIME). In addition, Top Rank will be allowed to sell ad spots that help cover the production costs of that show.” [Link to the full article here.]

This is pretty heady stuff and puts in my such glory days of boxing as the kind of main event fights that played on broadcast television from the 1950’s on through the great warrior battles of Muhammad Ali well into the 1970’s.

Howard Cosell and Mohammed Ali

The net effect of Arum’s move to Showtime-CBS will certainly bring more viewers for his upcoming Cotto-Mayorga fight, but more importantly will give him time to promote Manny Pacquiao’s May 7th fight:  a cross back into the realm of broadcast television thereby burnishing the place of the prize fighter in American lore.

Imagine this — the deal includes live promotion on CBS Morning Show and will also feature Christy Martin on CBS Talk Shows.  As well, in the run up to the Pacquiao fight, a feature spot will run on 60 Minutes one week prior to the fight.

As I’ve stated in an earlier column on the popularity of The Fighter and the splash that the new series Lights On is having on FX, boxing has found new life as people begin to view boxing as a way of battling through their own issues large and small.  For the fighter, it may still be a way out of “Palookaville,” but for the rest of us it’s a way out of powerlessness in a world that is moving way to fast for its own good.  I don’t know enough about the promoting game to be a fan one way or another of Bob Arum, but what I can say, is that his move to the wider audience of broadcast television shows that he is in touch with the subtle changes in the place of boxing on the American consciousness.  From the perspective of boostering women’s boxing, Bob Arum is also placing his money on the future place of women’s boxing in the prize fighting game, and given where we are vis-a-vis the run-up to the 2012 Olympics, that is a great thing.

You might also like “Lights On”

Women’s boxing news roundup, 1/25/2011

Women’s boxing news roundup, 1/25/2011.

Women's boxing news roundup - 1/25/2011

Christy Martin, Credit: Casey Kelbaugh, NYT

For those who didn’t catch this over the weekend, the New York Times did a feature piece on boxer, Christy Martin as she readies herself for her comeback fight on the undercard of the Miguel Cotto v. Ricardo Mayorga bout to be aired on Showtime pay-per-view March 12th.  The article, written by Joyce Wadler, looks in-depth at Christy’s career and recent troubles.  The “money” quote of the piece is at the end in response to a snarky question if ever I heard one regarding Christy’s motivations for returning to the ring.   “You know,” she said, “I was a fighter before, so I’m just going back to work, and through my work maybe I can inspire other women, or give them strength to deal with situations and move forward.”   Way to go Christy!  The link to the piece is here.

Ana Julaton

Another great Philippine “Pac-Woman,” Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton has announced the “return of The Hurricane,” in her bout to be fought against Francesca “The Chosen One” Alcanter.  Of interest is the fact that the fight night will feature a mixture of Professional Boxing, Amateur kickboxing, as well as live music and comedy acts on three stages.  The event is set for February 25, 2011 at the Craneway Pavilion in Riverside, CA, and will be broadcast live in the Philippines.  For further information, check out the link here and here.

Flyweights, Ava Knight (r) & Gloria Salas

The Sweetscience.com is carrying a piece by David A. Avila, about Golden Boy Promotions’ recent efforts to support women’s boxing.  As Avila points out, “Golden Boy kept its word and female prizefighting was showcased on another fight card [this past Friday]. Working with Claudia Ollis, a new powerbroker in women’s boxing, the Los Angeles-based boxing giant Golden Boy has made waves in the boxing world. Now other boxing promotions are jumping on the bandwagon with female fighters included on their respective cards.”  This is great news for the sport and couldn’t come at a better time as we enter the countdown to next year’s debut of women’s boxing at the 2012 Olympics in London.  The article can be found here.

The new International Amateur Boxing Association’s (AIBA) is seeking to strengthen the position of women’s amateur boxing both before and after the 2012 Olympic games to include adding weight categories at future Olympic games.  As well, the association has set an agreement for the 2011 Women’s Youth and Junior World Championships to be held in Ankara, Turkey from April 28 – May 8.  For more information click here and here.

Women’s boxing everywhere

Women’s boxing everywhere

Young Afghani Women Boxing, Shah Marai / AFP - Getty Images

MSNBC is carrying a fabulous photo essay of young Afghani women boxing.  The joy in their faces says it all.  The link is here.  The photographs were shot by photojournalist Shah Marai for AFP.


Alicia "Slick" Ashley, readies for her Main Event fight on January 19, 2011.

The Brooklyn Explosion boxing card @ Brooklyn’s Masonic Temple will feature Alicia “Slick” Ashley in main event bout against Crystal Hoy tomorrow night.  Promoted by New York’s own “Million Dollar Baby,” Maureen Shea, the evening is historic as the first promoting a woman’s title bout as a main event.


LaTarisha Fountain, Photo credit: Savulich/News

The New York Daily News in its continuing series on up-and-coming Golden Gloves contenders had a terrific piece on Olympic hopeful LaTarisha Fountain.  The former point guard for Pace University won her first Golden Gloves last year at 152 lbs. and hopes to repeat it again in her quest for a spot on next year’s US Olympic Women’s Boxing team.  The link to the article is here.


84th Daily News Golden Gloves

As a reminder, this year’s Daily News Golden Gloves gets underway on Thursday, January 20th at B. B. Kings Club.


It’s not all Manny Pac-man: Pac-women’s boxing in the Philippines

It’s not all Manny Pac-man:  Pac-women’s Boxing in the Philippines

Philippine Women's Boxing Team


When boxing enthusiasts think of the Philippines, they tend to think of one thing, Manny Pacquiao.  Well move over Manny because there are a lot young, talented women boxers who are vying for an opportunity to represent the Philippines in the 2012 Olympics.  With such talent as Asian Games silver medalist, Annie Albania as potential representatives, the Philippines stands a good chance to contend for a medal at the historic London games.  Other potential fighters include, flyweight Alice Kate Aparri, bantamweight Ana Liza Cruz, and featherweight Nesthy Petecio.

Olympic dreams

Olympic dreams

With the Olympics twenty months or so away, there hasn’t been much in the news lately  about women finally being given the nod to fight in three weight classes in the 2012 London Olympic Games.  What I wonder is whether the hard work and sweat of the young amateur boxers who have begun their preparations for the games will result in Women’s Boxing being taken more seriously in the run-up to the games and beyond.  Let’s face it, at this point, we’ll take an ESPN “Ocho” just for the chance to see the sport at all on television.

It’s also not as if there’s a hug pot of dough to support American male boxers, so the question is how are the American women with Olympic dreams going to support themselves if there is so little out there to begin with?   Women have been in the amateurs for years, so at least there is institutional knowledge to train women to score points under the international amateur system.  That doesn’t mean that these women will be given the kind of material assistance, “team” training camp facilities, coaching know-how and enthusiasm necessary to truly boost their chances at winning gold.

So, what to do?  For one thing, it’ll be up to all of us to push USA Boxing to give equitable treatment to the Olympic dreams of these young hopefuls and to push the press and sports television to recognize that Women’s Boxing is here to stay and needs to be recognized.