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It’s not all Manny Pac-man: Pac-women’s boxing in the Philippines

It’s not all Manny Pac-man:  Pac-women’s Boxing in the Philippines

Philippine Women's Boxing Team


When boxing enthusiasts think of the Philippines, they tend to think of one thing, Manny Pacquiao.  Well move over Manny because there are a lot young, talented women boxers who are vying for an opportunity to represent the Philippines in the 2012 Olympics.  With such talent as Asian Games silver medalist, Annie Albania as potential representatives, the Philippines stands a good chance to contend for a medal at the historic London games.  Other potential fighters include, flyweight Alice Kate Aparri, bantamweight Ana Liza Cruz, and featherweight Nesthy Petecio.

Boxer Uprising: China sweeps gold for women’s boxing at 2010 Asian Games

Boxer Uprising: China sweeps gold for women’s boxing at 2010 Asian Games

Chinese boxer Ren Cancan gained one for the history books when she captured Gold for China at the Asian Games — a fabulous first as Women’s boxing begins its rounds in the run-up to the 2012 Olympics.

Winning in the 52 kilogram (lightweight) division, Ren easily handled Annie Albania of the Philippines.  As quoted in the Taiwan News, Ren said, “Female boxing wasn’t in the Asian Games or the Olympics before, so it wasn’t so popular. Now people will pay more attention.”

Annie Albania received the silver while India’s storied Mary Kom and Japan’s Aya Shinmoto shared the Bronze.

The games will continue today with the final bouts to determine the bronze, silver and gold for the Flyweight and Middleweight divisions.

UPDATE:  Other medalists:

Li Jinzi, China, Women’s Middleweight, Gold Medal

Dong Cheng, China, Women’s Flyweight, Gold Medal

Undram Erdenesoyol, Mongolia, Middleweight, Silver Medal

Tassamalee Thongjan, Thailand, Flyweight, Silver Medal

Saida Khassenova, Kazakhstan, Middleweight, Bronze Medal

Suyeon Seong, Korea, Middleweight, Bronze Medal

Kum Ju Yun, DPR Korea, Lightweight, Bronze Medal

Chungneija, Hmangte, Flyweight, Bronze Medal

Full stats are here.