Women’s Boxing from around the web

Women’s Boxing from around the web

Over at The Sweet Science, David A. Avila has one of his periodic pieces on the pound-for-pound best women’s in professional boxing, entitled, appropriately enough, “Avila’s New Female Fighter Pound For Pound List.” 

As a the chief everything of a blog devoted to women’s boxing, I probably shouldn’t admit to the fact that I don’t feel sufficiently up on every women on the list to opine … suffice to say it was good to see the likes of Holly Holm and Mariana Juarez who just had a great on May 21st, not to mention Melinda Cooper and Ana Julaton.  If you’d like to add your opinions head on over to the site to voice them in the comments or post them here.

To punctuate why Mariana Jaurez should be considered, here’s the first part of her recent bout with Gabriela Bouvier.

Next, check out Inspiring Women’s Sports for Niamh Griffin’s piece, “Why do we box?”    The link is here and is worth heading over to listen to some inspiring audio clips from “Christina McMahon, Australia Muay Thai fighter Kelly Simon and a few boys including Irish pro-boxer Willie “Big Bang’ Casey.”

The clips are from radio interviews Niamh did some time ago and finally put together for a piece.  Really … check it out!

Finally, boxer, writer and filmmaker Jill Morley also has a blog these days called appropriately enough, Fighting It

Jill’s written a truly gut-wrenching piece that is not only worth the read, but worth the time to think about what it all means in your own life.

The piece is entitled, When Life Gives you PTSD, Turn it into Lemonblog,” and I urge you to give it a read.  The link is here.

7 thoughts on “Women’s Boxing from around the web

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  2. Christopher

    I appreciate a woman that could defend herself, and could handle herself in the ring. Great post!!!! I would pass it on to my wife, who was recently introduced to boxing, when she went to a free class at Biscayne Boxing & Fitness Club. Great place to start out. She loves it!!! And I appreciate what they are doing for her

    1. Girlboxing Post author

      Thanks so much for your comment, Christopher, and for recommending the site to your wife! Tell her she’s joining a remarkable group of people who practice the sport with nothing short of complete commitment! Thanks again — on and for the head’s up on the Biscayne Boxing Club! Best!!!

  3. Niamh

    Oh! I just saw this post now – thanks so much for linking to my Radio Interviews! It was really interesting finding out why people get in the ring. Thanks!


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