What condition my conditioning is in

What condition my conditioning is in.

Given my conditioning, I’m beginning to think that the best thing to do is to get a Navy Seals video and start getting in some beach time!

I mean, wow!  Four rounds with Lennox Blackmore this morning just about blew out my lungs!

We’re talking “panting” city — meanwhile, we had a LOAD of fun, and when I wasn’t gasping for air, I actually managed a few moves.  The great thing about the experience was Len’s patience in showing me ways to GET OUT OF THE WAY — as in when to slip and when to block to set up my next flurry of punches.  It reminds me of what a great counter-puncher he is, and like the great game of chess, everything in boxing is about setting things up for what you plan to do several moves ahead.

Having not been in the ring for a while, I found myself stymied by some of what Len was doing. The good part was I have actually been learning a thing or two and so I had crisper more accurate punches that actually followed form — when I wasn’t abjectly staying out-of-the-way to catch my breath!

Oh well — it just means I’ve got to get on the CARDIO train and step it up several notches if I hope to have a prayer in the ring.

Meanwhile, I did manage a couple of rounds of shadow boxing, three on the double-ended bag, four on the speed bag and four rounds of slow sit-ups on the funky old Gleason’s sit-up chair before heading on up the Washington Street hill for home.

It made for a great morning and the kind of day when I all I could do was smile!

4 thoughts on “What condition my conditioning is in

  1. Margaret Reyes Dempsey

    Sounds like you had a great workout. I managed to finish Week 5 of my Couch to 5K program while I was on my writers’ retreat. Yay! I was helped along by three unleashed, large, growling dogs that decided to chase me the last three minutes of my run. It was a great workout for my tongue as well. The owner of those dogs never before heard such profanity. 😉

      1. Margaret Reyes Dempsey

        It was wonderful. I fleshed out some existing scenes, wrote four new ones, and about 6 pages of notes detailing where I’m heading. The retreat itself had this rhythm that was just perfect for me. There’s a blog post coming…after a few loads of laundry and some sleep.

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