Gaining “umph” in “limp” mode

Gaining “umph” in “limp” mode

Well I didn’t exactly have the greatest workout ever yesterday as my head throbbed from a pretty intense headache, but I did manage to eek out 10 rounds. The point was to “punch” through it as best I could  — and with Lennox’s help who slowed down to my level of crawl by the forth round of focus pads, I got through that part of my circuit and still managed to hit with some “umph”  as we worked on right-left hook-right and left-right-left hook combinations.

The great thing about getting to Gleason’s yesterday in “limp” mode was feeling the energy of everyone else’s work.  It is the true contagion of the gym and when one is feeling less than stellar getting there anyway is one way of pushing oneself to get over whatever ails — not to urge anyone to go to the gym with a 103 degree fever or anything that overwhelming, but when it’s fairly minor stuff, call it the “walking wounded” feeling, working out, even a truly modified one can help put a little extra something in your step on the way out the door.  In my case, all that sweat and effort helped ease the throbbing, and by the time I got home, my headache was pretty much gone.

One more thing, if your aren’t feeling all that well during your gym time, the double-ended bag can be a nice way of easing into your workout.  It is my preferred warm-up method after some gentle shadow boxing because it is a whole body work-out that can be paced.

4 thoughts on “Gaining “umph” in “limp” mode

  1. Lisa Creech Bledsoe

    Agreed. The contagion of the blog. I’m going through the crazy shift from full-time office to part-time contract and part-time at home writer-marketer-whatever-I’m-going-to-be. It’s scary, I don’t have a routine yet, and I have no idea whether I will be financially successful. So every day I look forward to this little RSS nugget. What makes it nice is that at the same time my job is shifting, I have begun training for my next fight, so the boxing stories and analogies are quite soothing to me.

    Btw, just started reading Mischa (my next opponent) Merz’s first book “Bruising: A Boxer’s Memoir” — have you read it? She’s an incredible writer.

    1. girlboxing Post author

      Hi Lisa, Thanks! Given how wonderful your blog is, I’ve no doubts to your ability to find great success! Re: Mischa Merz’s book — I haven’t read it yet and will go out and get it. Her blog is filled with lovely entries so I look forward to reading it.


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