Boxing gifts

Boxing gifts

At this time of year, when I’m asked “what do you want for Christmas?”  I pretty much “cut to the chase” and hand over my list of items large and small.  Specific to boxing, Christmas (and Hanukkah for that matter) is a great time to give and receive fabulous boxing inspired goodies.

As you build your list, you might want to take an inventory of the things you do have so that you can sort out what items to add.  A biggie is checking out the state of your handwraps.  Boxers are usually very persnickety about which handwraps to use — to include color in some cases.  They’re also a pain to buy because they are not available at every gym and require a special trip to places like the Sports Authority — and even then they may not have what you want.  The alternative is ordering from one of the major boxing catalogs.  If you’re anything like me you hold off because the order is too small and there you are, two or three years later with the rattiest looking wraps you’ve ever seen.

From there it’s time to peruse the online catalogs and dream.  

Do you figure it’s time to start using your own speed bag or double-ended bag and not your trainer’s?  Do you need a better quality jump rope?  Are your boxing T’s too funky for school?  Want to start using your own water bottle with a spout rather than spending a small fortune on bottled water?  How about other little stocking stuffers — new mouth guards, adhesive tape, boxing books or the “speed bible” DVD?

Then there’s the matter of getting yourself a pair of real honest-to-goodness boxing shorts — yep, with your name on them, or a boxing robe, or some other tangible symbol of all of your effort this past year.

It’s also a great time to trade up on your boxing gloves, or to get a pair of specialized gloves for hitting the bag.  You might also think its time to invest in your own headgear or other boxing protective gear — or a really nice new boxing bag to haul your stuff around in.

When it comes to gloves, however, you might want to consider having a pair made just for you!  This can come into the category of something you splurge on for yourself, have someone buy for you — or something you might purchase for someone else.  There are two specialty places that I know of (see list below) or the folks in your gym may have some tips for you.

Purchasing boxing T’s say from Gleason’s or some other boxing gym are also fun gifts to give.  I cherish the “Lonsdale” T-shirt my husband got me, sort of what Everlast is to the US, the Lonsdale brand is to the UK.

The main thing is — don’t be afraid to ask for what you really want along with the website URL, size, color and brand name of the item.

Who knows, you just might get it!


Online Boxing Websites include the following:

For customized boxing gear:

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