Getting started

Getting started

If you’ve never boxed before, one of the hardest things to overcome is understanding that it’s okay if you don’t know how to box!  Let’s face it, that’s why you are walking into the ring in the first place.

The great mystery for me when I got started was how my body could stay centered, balanced and move as a coordinated unit while attempting to throw a jab.  I must have thrown thousands before I figured out that “less is more,” and even then it was sort of an accidental discovery.  The main point is, do not despair, you will get it!

There are many patient, talented trainers who will be more than willing to share their knowledge of the sweet science with you as long as you come to it with an open mind and the commitment to work hard as you learn the basics.  Where you go doesn’t matter so much as finding a trainer you feel comfortable with.

Don’t worry about gear either, the gym usually supplies the basics as will your trainer — whether your taking a class or working one-on-one with someone.  The main thing is to relax and have fun — and remember that it really is good to hit things!

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2 thoughts on “Getting started

  1. Margaret Reyes Dempsey

    You talkin’ to me? 😉

    I started looking at the list of gyms you posted. I was watching a video on one of the sites with a friend and she knew the guy who owned the gym. Went to school with him. How funny is that? Small world.

    Also enjoyed the other posts you linked to above. When you get a sec, fix the link to “No pitty-pat.”


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