Sites we like about women’s boxing

Blogs we like about women’s boxing

If you are looking for blogs by women who talk about the sweet science from the perspective of hauling themselves to the gym, here are a few Girlboxing has found around the web you might enjoy.

Girl.Boxer.Southpaw:  Girlboxing enjoys reading this blog.  It offers insightful and inspiring pieces on what it means to get up and train.  The link is here.

The glowing edge:  Terrific blog that mixes boxing news, personal boxing stories and the daily stuff about life.   The link is here.

The Sweetest thing:  A view of women’s boxing from Australia with a lot of salient points on the difficulties women face in the ring.  The link is here.

Binnie Klein:  Binnie Klein is a women after Girlboxing’s heart who wrote “Blows to the Head: How Boxing Changed my Mind.”    The link is here.

As for straight-up news about women in boxing WBAN – Woman’s Boxing Network is worth checking out.  Do they report on all the regional fights or have all  the latest news all the time – not necessarily, but given their focus WBAN does a good job of keeping women’s professional boxing in focus.  The link is here.


PS – Please pass along any blogs you like about women’s boxing in the comments field!


9 thoughts on “Sites we like about women’s boxing

  1. Margaret Reyes Dempsey

    I think finding your blog (and now these others you’ve listed) is dredging up an old fascination with boxing. I wouldn’t be surprised to find myself with a pair of gloves on in the future. I have some friends who think the sport is barbaric. For me, there’s something incredibly graceful about the movements and posture/poses. I remember watching it as a young kid and thinking it was like dancing. (There’s probably official terminology for all of this, so excuse my pathetic attempts at explaining myself. :-)) I’m drawn to the fitness aspect of it as well. Not to mention the meditative focus I imagine it must require.

  2. girlboxing Post author

    Boxing and boxing people really are special. If you are in the New York area, I can recommend several gyms to get started in, if nothing else than to get the feel of the place, or to try a training session or a basic class. welcome!!!

      1. girlboxing Post author

        Hey Margaret,

        Here are some Boxing clubs on Long Island. The first three seem to have good reputations. I know less about the last two:

        -Eddie Haeffer’s Long Island Boxing Gym in Deer Park (631) 422-9526

        – FREEPORT PAL
        100 Parsons Avenue
        Freeport, NY 11520
        Contact: Joe Higgins
        Phone: 516-428-7180

        4 Harmony Lane
        Glen Cove, NY 11542
        Contact: Frank Pen
        Phone: 516-759-9896

        – Heavy Hitters Boxing in Bohemia (631) 567-3538

        – Fitness Through Boxing in Huntington (631) 858-2269

  3. Lisa Creech Bledsoe

    Thanks for including me in your list and on your blogroll. It’s great to be connected with another boxing woman! My best to you in this venture; may you help raise the profile of boxing women everywhere.


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