Big days, little days.

Big days, little days.

Some days are filled with big things and others have the “usual suspects.”  The same it seems with working out: peppy for two or three training sessions in a row and then the dogs. We’re talking no energy, no pop and not so much going through the motions as just having no energy to get where you want to go!

I had one of those mornings at Gleason’s Gym today.  Sure, I did my sweet 16 (four rounds each of shadow boxing, pad work, double-ended bag and speed bag), but did I ever have to work for them.  Lennox kept shaking his head saying, “wake up, girl!” And maybe that helped because I did manage to bring it towards the end with two hopped up rounds on the double-ended bag and some serious da-da-da-da / da-da-da-da on the speed bag.

In analyzing it later, I realized that part of the problem is I’m still not doing enough during the week to keep the momentum up for a meaningful Saturday session.  A clue on how to do that in an otherwise busy life came from my old Peace Corps buddy Mark who had a post on Facebook today proclaiming that he’d hit his goal of 1,000 sit-ups in a week.

I thought, “1,000!?!  That is a lot!.”  Breaking it down to daily increments, however, brought it more in line with what actual humans can achieve! Reading further, Mark wrote about his formula for success: starting at just 130 for the first week until he had brought himself along to 1,000.

Given that I struggled through my 100 sit-ups this morning at the gym (having only done 20 all week) — it occurred to me that if I followed Mark’s formula of defining weekly goals, it might get me off my tush and into a regular daily sit-up routine. Not wanting to set the mark too high for myself the first week, I’ve settled on accomplishing 300 between Sunday and Friday.  That means 50 a day — meaning about 10 minutes!  Seen that way, there is no way I shouldn’t be able to achieve it.  The same thing for push-ups — or my version of them which means on my knees or against a bar at this point.  Sure, I did 20 today at the gym (in two sets of 10 each), but it was hard and strained my shoulder.  So there again, I’ve decided on setting a goal between Sunday and Friday.  I’m staring off with 60, that means 10 a day — or another 5 minutes a day at most!

Summed together, if I give myself a mere 15 minutes a days, I can meet my weekly goal and have sacrificed nothing. No excuses here!

Kudos to Mark for a great idea!

9 thoughts on “Big days, little days.

  1. ybsteam

    You know what ! the bad days, make the good days even better, when youv’e struggled through a session that your not feeling, when even a simple shadow box is hard work, these are the sessions that pave the way for when you feel great, for when you feel you can punch through walls and move like lighting,
    Every session has a value. boxing is all about over coming and the greatest thing we have to over come is ourselves.

    1. Brenda Henderson

      So very true, get through the pain for the best results, ‘mind over matter’, is what my trainer/coach says

    2. Girlboxing Post author

      You are so right — and to my mind its the tough ones that cause you put yourself in a mindset to rethink what you’re doing. Next time I’m in London I will definitely look to train with you for a session! Best!

  2. niamh

    I have a card on the shelf – “to get through the hardest journey we need only take one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping”. My parents gave me to me when starting out in journalism ( a slightly unforgiving career!) but it applies to everything and definitely to getting fit. Ten minutes at a time is much more realistic than 2 hours at 6 am 🙂


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