Women Boxers: The New Warriors

Women Boxers: The New Warriors

I came across a fabulous book of photographs entitled Women Boxers: The New Warriors, by photographer Delilah Montoya.  Containing essays by Maria Teresa Marquez and C. Ondine Chavoya, the book explores the world of women boxers in vivid black and white portraits inside and outside of the ring.

Women Boxers: The New Warriors, Jackie Chavez, by Delilah Montoya

Women Boxers: The New Warriors, Jackie Chavez v. Audrey Vela, by Delilah Montoya

As noted by Marquez in her opening essay written in 2006, “Women boxers do not just fight one another, they fight against the belief that it is unnatural for a woman to be athletic, strong, aggressive, and confident in a sport historically dominated by males.”  Those sentiments are not so far off the mark as women boxers continue in their struggle to be recognized on the amateur and professional level.

The book is published by Arte Publico Press and is available from such online booksellers as Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.  Further information about the accompanying gallery show of Delilah Montoya’s photographs is here.

3 thoughts on “Women Boxers: The New Warriors

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  2. Julia Johansen

    I absolutely love this! I stumbled upon your blog by accident and love it! I don’t box, but I do BJJ, also a male dominated sport, and I also blog about it. It feels like we have much in common–both minorities within a sport, both passionate, both pro-female athlete.

    Nice to meet you! I’ll have to come back to read when it’s not 2am. I’m subscribing now, though.

    Thanks for sharing! Very inspirational.


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