A little jab time

A little jab time

Holly Holm v. Tricia Turton

Girlboxing is having one of those busy days!  Too much work, too many obligations, not enough time!  To pep it all up and to remind us all that Spring *will* come — here are some secrets on how to perfect your Jab from across the pond!



2 thoughts on “A little jab time

  1. ybsteam

    I’m from England and we’ve seen a not a huge but a steady incress in females wanting to take up the sport.
    I expect there to be a rush after the 2012 Olympics puts Womens boxing firmly on the map, we have a number of world class female Amatuers in the U.K.

    I teach boxing in Schools to males and females, very often its the girls that pick things up more quickly than the boys, if girls have the opportunity at an early age then the intrest can be encouraged and take to the next level.

    1. girlboxing Post author

      You are so right. We are seeing a lot of 2nd generation women’s boxing here where girls who started as preteens and teens are entering the competitive amateur ranks at a very high level of skill. With the run up to the Olympics that momentum will only increase.


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