2013 USA Boxing Nationals finals set for 4/6/2013!

2013 USA Boxing Nationals finals set for 4/6/2013!

Mikaela Mayer after winning her Quarterfinal Bout. Credit: Mikaela Mayer

Yet another USA Boxing Nationals is coming to an end on Saturday with two Olympians vying for titles along side newcomers and seasoned veterans.

2013 USA Boxing Nationals

The event has not been without controversy given the introduction of a new scoring system and the change in the age categories which meant that Olympic gold medal winner, Claressa Shields competed in the Youth Women division.

The Nationals is also the first major amateur competition allowing Elite Men to fight without helmets in years. This continues to raise serious concerns as the athletes may well face increased risks for head trauma and cuts — along with probing questions as to the motives for the change. Elite Women were excluded from this change — to the consternation of some — although in this case, exclusion might actually have been a good thing … for a change.

The Semi-final bout between Tiara Brown and Mikaela Mayer has also been controversal. Brown was given the nod with a 2-1 decision, but there are those who feel that Mayer was “robbed.” One question to ask is whether the scoring is such that Mayer’s team is basing their complaint on what might have been a different outdome in the old system.

Have a look at the video and you be the judge.

The Finals action begins at 1:00 PM on 4/6/2012.

For informationclick here for the USA Boxing Website

You can also watch all the action live HERE


106 lbs: Elisha Halstead v. Alejandra Mercado

112 lbs: Marlen Esparza v. Virginia Fuchs

119 lbs:  Christina Cruz v. Ayanna Vasquez

125 lbs: Rianna Rios v. Jen Hamann

132 lbs: Queen Underwood v. Tiara Brown

141 lbs: Faith Franco v. Bertha Aracil

152 lbs: Danyelle Wolf v. Fallon Farrar

165 lbs: Franchon Crews v. Raquel Miller

178 lbs: Tiffanie Hearn v. Dara Shen

5 thoughts on “2013 USA Boxing Nationals finals set for 4/6/2013!

  1. Tiara

    Why is it every time I beat someone good u people say they got robbed? As if I’m just someone that is not good! If we were on the point system yes she would’ve won. But we were not we were on the 10 point system and I trained for that system and I won!! But thank you so much for thinking I lost girlboxing. I guess it means nothing that I am the world gold medalist at 125 also!

    1. Girlboxing Post author

      Tiara, thank you so much for your comments! I honestly thought the fight was close. Giving you the win, in my opinion is fair. What I was struck by was precisely your point … the change in scoring meant a different fight. That is why I put the fight as a link so that folks have the chance to see it and form their own opinions. It is also a matter of getting used to the new system. That you trained so hard in the new system is a testament to your dedication and hard work. And yes, I salute you as a gold medalist at 125 lbs. Please make no mistake about that.


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