Beautiful day, beautiful box, but the work continues.

Beautiful day, beautiful box, but the work continues.

So there I was this morning on my fast walk to Gleason’s Gym feeling mighty pleased with myself. I’ve lost about seven pounds since starting on the low-acid diet, I had lots of energy and I felt “back” in terms of my physical conditioning.

There is, however, always something — and yes, I got through my sweet sixteen and even a super fast round on the double-ended bag, but when it came to the abs workout, it all fell apart.

Yep, folks, if it’s not one thing it’s another and in my case, my next crucible has to do with my abs workout. Gone are the days of 100 sit-ups followed by 100 crunches followed by another round of 100 sit-ups. I was lucky to do a full 25 sit-ups followed by 60 crunches (in to 30-crunch sets). Talk about an “ugh” moment.

But hey, not everything works out all the time and while I’ve come along enough to feel the fabulous pop-pop-pow of my doubled-up jab/right hook combination, the situps will come along in due course too.

If you’ve been away from abs for a while too — here’s are a nice beginner tutorial from the UK, and a nice basic abs workout you can do at home or at the gym.

5 thoughts on “Beautiful day, beautiful box, but the work continues.

  1. Margaret Reyes Dempsey

    Are people still doing sit-ups versus crunches? Everything I’ve read says they don’t add any value and can injure you. I do about 350 crunches/day, some center, some to the side, and some with legs up in the air. I just keep telling myself that it’s good for my core and not to worry that I’ll never have six-pack abs, but sometimes it pisses me off, I must admit. 😉

    1. Amy

      Margaret, that’s a lot of crunches! Unless you’re training for something in particular, I’d say branch out into some other core work, such as planks. Your spine is probably getting a bit too much flexion. I trust you’re training the rest of your body with equal fervor?

  2. Amy

    Malissa, after all those rounds, you’re entitled to poop out. Okay, so there have been days when you could still churn them out, but there will also be days when you can’t. Yesterday I did a exercise routine I’ve done several times before, and midway through I collapsed on the couch to pant for an extended period of time. And I had been feeling *good*. Each day is different. The important thing is that your diet is helping you! Yay! (BTW, sometimes when I drop a few pounds I lose some strength. Might be happening to you.)


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