Wednesday already!

Wednesday already!

In a worker-bee world of Monday to Friday, Wednesday aka hump day has become a cliched ritual of the elevator and the water cooler.  “Only two more to go” or “made it to the middle” are typical phrases.  Given that this is a short week (what with July 4th and all) hump day takes on the additional meaning of having already arrived without the usual effort of Monday.

If your week also includes the rituals of the gym — losing Monday (many gyms were closed) might make Wednesday extra special as you head on out and over at some time before or after work to unfurl your muscles in the repetitive ritual of pushing and pulling.

I know for me, I look forward to my Wednesdays when I can whale like crazy on the double-ended bag and the heavybag in no particular order.  Those rounds without a trainer have become as important to me as the rounds I spend with Len.

With the added nuance of summer, there is nothing greater than the buckets of sweat that come pouring off — or the joy of walking out into a sultry evening, the light still early evening bright with the hints of the setting sun to come.

If you happen to call Gleason’s Gym your own, you have the added possibility of strolling down to the water, with the Brooklyn Bridge majestically in your sights, fresh ice cream for your reward and about the loveliest walk possible along with the waterfront, the tip of Manhattan gracing your eyes.

Life truly is good!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday already!

  1. Lisa Creech Bledsoe

    I assumed my gym was closed Monday, too, so I had the same joy you did last night. Training on my own in the gym, enjoying the sweat, the percussive popping of gloves against bags, the tic-tic-tic of jump ropes on cement… And even the drive home through downtown, satisfied with a job well done. It was fantastic, truly. Tonight, a different joy: a long, slow run with my husband — and guess who else? — my middle son! Isaac (aka The Ice) has been trailing along on our runs, and is up to nearly 3 miles. Tonight we take him for a gorgeous 5k circuit around a lake near us.

    How fortunate we are.

    1. Girlboxing Post author

      What a nice evening! I’m hoping to entice my husband and daughter meet up with me so that we can stroll down by the water together. And congrats to The Ice for making it to nearnon 3 miles. Way to go!

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