Blessings where we can get ’em!

Blessings where we can get ’em!

Gleason's Gym 4/30/2011

I know I sometimes get a little bit cranky and complain-y on these pages, but after a morning like this one where the work of the gym was hard, but fell into place, let me tell you all I AM BLESSED.

The workout out itself had ragged moments because despite coming at this hard once a week since January, my conditioning is still not where it should be.  Working with Len on the pads, and then having him coach me through some double-ended bag work focusing on the right hook put it all into place.

So, yes, I did get to a near-on physical s-t-o-p on the 4th round of pads, but still managed my sweet 16 feeling strong, confident, and as if I’d come away with something I hadn’t had at the start of it.

Plus … I was surrounded by an amazing group of women going through their third day of Gleason’s Gym’s first Female Boxing Clinic …

And if that wasn’t enough, Lennox feels I’ve come along enough for us to start sparring again beginning next week!  Yay!  We’re talking cloud 9 here people — and as the song says, “I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day”!

Oh and a big P.S. – If you can make it … come on down to Gleason’s First All-Female Amateur Fight Card 2night!  The bouts begin at 6:00 PM, @ 77 Front Street in Dumbo (Brooklyn).  You can also catch the bouts on with Gleason’s own Sonya Lamonakis providing the commentary! $20 bucks @ the door, $15 for gym members or for folks with a boxing card.

9 thoughts on “Blessings where we can get ’em!

  1. Lisa Creech Bledsoe

    Good for you for all the hard work it took to get yourself here; I know you are thrilled at the notion of getting in the ring for some sparring again. And the clinic! It would be an honor to be training with some of the fabulous Gleason’s people. Have fun watching the fights tonight; hope all goes well and everyone has a fabulous time.

  2. ybsteam

    Exciting news, sparring always take things to another level,
    I was moving around with my Saturday class today, we were on indie work and if you’ve ever done any of that type of sparring you’ll know how hard it is.
    I’ll be lookin forward to hearing how you get on.
    this may seem a stupid question but you do you do road work?

    1. girlboxing Post author

      Re: Indie work, I haven’t heard the term before so please let me know what it is.

      I’d also be curious about your classes, what you teach, etc., and as you are teaching on the other side of the pond so to speak it might make an interesting GB piece. Let me know if you’d be interested.

      Re: Roadwork, I do a wee bit — the problem is that my knees are *not* what they once were and I find I just don’t have the ability to run that I once had. Yesterday, I couldn’t jog at all, but I did have a 45-minute walk at a very quick pace on my way to the gym. That meant that I had a nice fine bead of sweat and felt warmed up enough to start shadow boxing.

      Not running is an issue for a number of reasons, not the least of which is I need to find a good cardio substitute to build stamina!

    1. girlboxing Post author

      Ahh, so “indie” work is pounding on the middle! That can hurt 😉

      Funny Len and I work working on that on the pads, a lot of downstairs-> upstairs work and it’s what we’ll be focusing on next week in the ring. That and right hooks of the jab with a step to the side.

  3. ybsteam

    I boxed for a short while as an Amatuer, way back when but have been involved in coaching amatuer’s for the past 20years, i don’t think it’s necessary to be a doulbe world champion in order to be a good coach, some of the best in the business have had little actual fight experience, it’s your knowledge and abillity to teach that counts.

    So i coach boxing in an Amatuer gym, i coach one 2 one, i take group classes and also take boxing into Schools and Clolleges, spreading the benifits of this great sport.

    Runnig can be hard on the legs, the older we get the more wear and tear on our joints,
    have you tried the stationary bike as an alternitive.

    I’m happy to talk about anything if you think your readers would be intrested GB.


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