Gleason’s Gym – All Female Boxing Clinic

Gleason’s Gym – All Female Boxing Clinic on April 28, 29 & 30, 2011!

Gleason’s Gym will host its first All Female Boxing Clinic on April 28, 29 and 30, 2011 at its headquarters in Brooklyn, New York.

The three-day event will include two-days of boxing training and will culminate in Gleason’s first USA Boxing Metro amateur-sanctioned All Female Boxing Show to be broadcast live on

The two-day clinic will focus on a range of boxing skills for beginners and will feature the Gleason’s World Champion talents of Alicia Ashley, Jill Emory, Melissa Hernandez and Belinda Laracuente as well as boxing trainers Mark Breland, Juan LaPorte and Hector Roca.

The clinic is open to anyone with a desire to learn the fundamentals of the sport — and for those who have more skills, opportunities will be offered to perfect your talents.

Having first walked into the door at Gleason’s in 1997, I can personally attest to the genuinely supportive atmosphere of the gym, which has always been particularly inviting to women. It’s also meant that I’ve had the chance to observe first hand the explosion in Women’s Boxing  — as well as the chance to applaud the prowess of Gleason’s many boxing alumni!

Girlboxing recently had the chance to sit down and talk with Gleason’s Gym’s owner Bruce Silverglade about Women’s Boxing (see video below).  As an early proponent of the sport, Bruce has been a champion in his own right through his strong advocacy for Women’s Boxing and continues to provide opportunities for women in the sport from Saturday boxers on through dedicated pros.

Spaces are still available for the chance to perfect your boxing prowess or take the plunge into your first foray into the ring. If you are interested contact Bruce Silverglade at Gleason’s Gym.  The telephone number is: 718-797-2872 and the email address is:  The cost of the clinic is $299.00.  You can also sign-up to participate in the All Female Boxing Show by contacting Angela Querol @ 718-797-2872.

2 thoughts on “Gleason’s Gym – All Female Boxing Clinic

  1. Lisa Creech Bledsoe

    I LOVED getting to watch your video of Bruce Silverglade! I would love to be able to come to Gleason’s some day and train up there like you get to do. What a treat! I would get to meet so many incredible women that I’ve only ever been able to admire from afar… How very fortunate you are. Thank you so much for giving women and men a glimpse into this world.

    1. girlboxing Post author

      Thanks for that. Bruce Silverglade was really generous with his time — and has been an amazing proponent of women’s boxing.

      Re: my good fortune … you said it sister! I am the luckiest of the lucky, and since I first walked into Gleason’s in 1997, I’ve never felt a moment when I wasn’t warmly supported. The best part was after my daughter was born, many of the trainers used to hold her when either my husband or I worked out, so I can truly say she’s a child of the gym!

      Otherwise, I hope your training is going well for your main event ACFN2 bout with Mischa Merz coming up on April 23rd!


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