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Women’s Boxing: Todas Contra México

Women’s Boxing: Todas Contra México

Maureen Shea

The new Mexican reality TV show Todas Contra México to be aired from Chiapas, Mexico, will showcase women’s professional boxing at its highest level.  The premise of the show is to feature bouts between a team of Mexican women professional boxers against an international team featuring none other than Gleason’s own Keisher “Fire” McLeod-Wells.

Keisher "Fire" Mcleod-Wells

As noted in the Girlboxing piece Women Boxing Everywhere!, the show will be hosted by New York’s own Million Dollar Baby, Maureen Shea.

The New York Daily News published a fabulous must-read piece by reporter Tanyankia Samuels about the show entitled, “Boxer Maureen Shea, who trained Hilary Swank for ‘Million Dollar Baby’ tapped for reality TV show.”

As quoted in an extensive piece in Eastside Boxing.com, Maureen Shea said “This is a big moment for female boxing.”  Shea continued, “For a long time, the public ignored female boxing but there has been a shift in recent years in the perception of the sport.  Women in boxing are gaining more respect with the way they are being portrayed, and the sport is gaining in popularity among females due to the women’s empowerment movement. After this show, the world will have to take notice of female boxing.”

There is talk of finding an outlet for the series in the US, however, that has not been reported as yet.  Meanwhile, this exciting new showcase for women’s boxing will begin filming in Chiapas towards the end of March.

Congratulations and a huge Girlboxing shout out to Fire and Maureen!

Five Minutes

Five minutes 

Sometimes all I have is five minutes.  Five minutes to write, stretch, meditate, shadow box, lift weights or as my friend Stephen says, drift.  Those five minutes can be a precious commodity.  Five whole minutes for myself and myself alone.  Sometimes it is five minutes to take a little sleep.  Or five minutes to run downstairs and get an iced coffee.

“Give me five minutes,” can be a refrain when I’m supposed to be somewhere and need to finish something or maybe it’s that I need that little edge.  That moment I use to restore myself and reset my clock before I go on to the next task.

Today I gave myself five minutes to write.  Not unlike the boxer’s three-minute round, those five minutes were my little bit of space that I reveled in as a little secret to myself.  My five minutes to do with what I wanted.