Brooklyn girlboxing … circa 1932!

Brooklyn girlboxing … circa 1932!

Yep, girlboxing fight fans, boxing matches in Brooklyn are, it turns out, nothing new. Here’s a fabulous one from November 1932! It featured Miss “Tarzan” versus Terrible Tessy Terry. Other fighters on the card were Nancy “The Irish Demon” Clancy and “Furious Lil” Brown.


4 thoughts on “Brooklyn girlboxing … circa 1932!

  1. Abel Undercity (@AbelUndercity)

    Miss “Tarzan” was running the risk of an even bigger fight: One against a notoriously litigious Edgar Rice Burroughs.

    “Hatpin left jab?”

    As I recall, dance marathons were a craze in the era, so hopefully there was good turnout for the card.


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