The same old song …

The same old song …

One would think that HollyThe Preacher’s Daughter” Holm (31-2-3, 9-KOs), the current IBA & WBF lightweight welterweight champion, who is set to fight a world title defense on December 7, 2012 against Diana Prazak (11-1, 7-KOs) on a much ballyhooed card called “Fire and Ice” would command the attention of the boxing world enough to land the fight on HBO Boxing, Showtime, ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sport, PPV — heck ANY sports network that broadcasts boxing.

But no …

This much-anticipated bout, following on the heals of Holm’s two tough, hard-fought contests against France’s own Anne Sophie Mathis which should have promoters beating down the door at Fresquez Productions will not be aired.

And this AFTER the Olympics when women kicked serious butt and the US women’s team brought home not one, but two medals courtesy of Marlen Esparza (Bronze) and Claressa Shields (Gold).

So what gives?  What’s a “girl” got to do to get some friggin’ air time in the United States?

If fighters of the caliber and quite frankly fame of Holly Holm can’t get a fight broadcast, up-and-coming fighters don’t have a “prayer” to gain any visibility beyond a loyal crowd of followers and the potential for a local cable station to broadcast the fight card and/or video streaming of the event with the hope that it gets loaded on to YouTube.

No one’s talking either.

Meanwhile when it comes to MMA, women routinely fight on nationally broadcast fightcards such as Strikeforce — and even UFC is planning on adding women to their PPV fight cards in 2013. UFC in particular is readying to promote Ronda Rousey, who won acclaim and a lot of fans when she captured her women’s bantamweight championship belt on Strikeforce.  Rousey’s championship fight in August of 2012 also drew big numbers to Strikeforce, no doubt playing an important part in the calculus of UFC’s decision to bring her over as a UFC fighter on a PPV fight card. (See Dave Meltzer’s excellent piece here.)

But not so with boxing.

Is it that the sport itself is too stale and out of ideas on how to creatively promote itself in a way that can include the talent, heart and boxing savvy that women bring to the ring?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of answers — mainly just frustration and disappointment that yet again, a fabulous outing will be lost to viewers aching to watch it unless they can manage to glean a video stream.

8 thoughts on “The same old song …

  1. Butch Gottlieb

    Talk to Holly’s promoter, Lenny Fresquez. Television buys cards not single fights and Fresquez only uses Holly as his main event and local kids for the rest of his card so they put asses in seats. He cannot even put together an ESPN card.
    And as far as Holly’s two fights against Mathis goes, Holly fought the first time and got her ass kicked and knocked out. The second fight Fresquez put in a 24 foot ring and Holly did what she is so good at and that is RUN. Keep in mind that Holly only fights in her hometown, ever wonder why?
    And once again she is fighting someone so much smaller then her. Prazak is a 130lb champion and Holly has won title all the way up to 154lbs.

    1. Girlboxing Post author

      Your point is taken regarding Holly’s fights against Mathis, but Holly has fought on television in the past and has headlined the card. And yes she is being encouraged to leave the comfort of New Mexico to fight–but those issues aside, the deals aren’t there for women fighters.

      1. Butch Gottlieb

        I am very aware of the fact that Holly has fought on ESPN2 because at the time I managed the girl that she fought (Chevelle Hallback). Holly always headlines the Fresquez cards because she fills the arena.
        Holly has been offered many fights in Europe but blame Fresquez for them never materializing because he asks for ridiculous amounts of money for Holly and wants to put in stipulations that will never happen. The deals are there if you are flexible.

      2. Girlboxing Post author

        Thanks for the insights, Butch. Are you managing anyone now? Have any upcoming bouts you’d like to talk about? Would love to hear from you if you are. Thanks! GB

  2. charles barrett

    It really is a crying shame, their are so many exellent female fighter around and more coming through all the time, the quality is getting better and better, and they really should be getting more main stream exposure.

    I have quite a few girls that come and train at my gym, but despite the sucess G.B had at the Oylmpics boxing on the pro front is next to nothing….something has to change.


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