The boxing gym.

The boxing gym.

My daughter had an assignment to write an essay using imagery for her 7th grade English class.  She rocked my world with it!

Gleason’s Boxing Gym
     Gleason’s Boxing Gym is a place in Dumbo that many people go to. When you hear about Gleason’s, what you may picture is a nice clean gym with the best equipment in the world. However, once you go all that you really see is sticky duct tape holding the heavy bags together, and dirt that is probably two years old.
    This is what I love about Gleason’s the most:

    When you walk into Gleason’s, what you see are boxers that are young or old, the heavy bag swishing back and forth. People are skipping and sliding trying to dodge the fast perfect jabs from their sparing partners. I hear the speed bag that sounds like a helicopter, the encouraging loud criticism from the trainers.

    In Gleason’s Boxing Gym all I can smell and taste is the stench and sweat that comes from lots of hard work. However, as soon as I start to train I can feel the cotton of my hand wraps, the linen covering the ropes. I can feel the pads that I hit, the concrete when I try to strengthen my hands. I can feel the leather speed bag hitting my hands and then coming back, as if asking for more.

    In conclusion, I think and believe that Gleason’s Boxing Gym, home to many pro-fighters, is an amazing place filled with imagery. At Gleason’s everything that happens sets your mind into a frenzy of images that will come back when you think about the moments that you have had at Gleason’s Boxing Gym.


10 thoughts on “The boxing gym.

  1. Lisa Creech Bledsoe

    What a observant young woman! My favorite part: “the encouraging loud criticism” — boy, ain’t that the truth. She captured the look, the sound, the smell, and even some of the experience of boxing. (Soon she’ll be opening her own blog…) (Or taking up boxing.) (Or just getting more good grades.)

    1. Girlboxing Post author

      She’s been going to Gleason’s since she was an infant. Some of the trainers still talk about how she’d play with their bling when they’d hold her!

    1. Girlboxing Post author

      She really is a sweetie! As for the helicopter speed-bag — that was all her. There are 4 – 5 stations for speed bag at Gleason’s and some of the folks training are really fast!

  2. Brenda Henderson

    What a great write up, I was in there with you, the two dirt that is probably two years old and the stench of sweat.. Great


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