Odd Bins: Short takes on Women’s Boxing from around the globe.

Odd Bins: Short takes on Women’s Boxing from around the globe.

Sparta Gym, Photo: Fernando Lara

The talk of El Centro, California are the two girls in the “Selected 7” — representing the Sparta Boxing Gym who will go on to the Ringside World Championships this coming August in Kansas City, MO!

Julie “Bazooka” Muñoz, 13, and Danika “Babyface” Lara, 13, are two of the seven fighters who began started training in earnest this week for the championships.  Click here for the full story.

Jessica Diaz, Mission Boxing Club, Photo: Gabe Hernandez

The Christian Science Monitor recently ran a feature about women’s boxing at the Mission Boxing Club in Mission, Texas. The following quote from Jessica Diaz is typical of women training to box the world over, “You just have to push yourself, you have to be dedicated” Diaz said. “I started training hard. I would come in twice a day and when I wouldn’t come in, I would run. I’d eat right and only drink water.”  Diaz will fight her first bout  nn Saturday, July 30,  at “Beto’s Boxing Club Show: Rumble In The Jungle” in Mercedes, TX.  Click here for the full story.

Irish Boxing — and in particular Irish Women’s Boxing received a huge boost with a 2.3 million dollar infusion of cash issued by the Irish Amateur Boxing Association to improve facilities at boxing clubs across Ireland. The funds are being allocated to provide women with such things as changing rooms of their own!  The intent is to encourage more women to take up the sport — and honors Ireland’s great amateur champion, Katie Taylor acknowledged as a serious Gold Medal contender in the lightweight division in next year’s Women’s Boxing debut at the 2012 Olympics.

The 2011 National Championship’s have begun — in Lao Cai provence, Viet Nam that is.  There will be not less than 86 women boxers representing 20 teams from across the country participating in the tournament across five weight categories. The winners of this year’s tournament will be invited to join the National Team and participate in upcoming regional events to include the 26th annual SEA Games scheduled for this coming November in Indonesia.  The top seed for the championships is Luu Thi Duyen who was a silver medalist in April’s World Youth Boxing Championships in Turkey and a gold medal winner at this month’s President’s Cup tournament in Indonesia.





2 thoughts on “Odd Bins: Short takes on Women’s Boxing from around the globe.

  1. Niamh

    When you see it all put together like this, you realise how much women’s boxing is growing – and not just boxing. It’s the same in kick-boxing, MuayThai and other contact sports! Very exciting to see. And to add to your comments on Ireland – the media are talking about the ‘Taylor Effect” here. There has been a great jump in numbers going to boxing classes and even boxercise since she won her last title. Lots of pressure on her to qualify for London 2012, hope she gets there 🙂

    1. Girlboxing Post author

      It really is fantastic. What I especially love is that Katie Taylor was grand marshall of the St. Pat’s day parade this year. Amazing for a female athlete!


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