Must see TV: Frederick Wiseman’s “Boxing Gym” on PBS!

Must see TV:  Frederick Wiseman’s “Boxing Gym” on PBS!

The American documentary filmmaker, Frederick Wiseman’s latest film is called “Boxing Gym.”  Released in 2010, the film presents an unfettered look at Lord’s Gym in Austin, Texas.

The gym is owned and operated by Richard Lord, a former professional boxer who opened the gym over 16 years ago. It accommodates a cross-section of boxers: young and old, men and women, plus an array of kids, all of whom come to the gym for reasons running from fitness on through training for amateur and professional fights!

The film is a loving portrayal of what many of us think of as our home away from home where camaraderie, focus and hard work are our daily diet, not to mention a dream or two.

PBS will be airing the film in its entirety @ 9:00 PM on Thursday, June 16th (Eastern Standard Time). Check local listings for an exact time if you are out of the New York City Area.

For further information on Lord’s Gym click the link here.

For a link to a nice piece on the film click here.

4 thoughts on “Must see TV: Frederick Wiseman’s “Boxing Gym” on PBS!

  1. Charlie Seelig

    Definitely worth watching. I was lucky to see it in a theatre in Providence. At first, there does not appear to be much in the way of plot lines, but if you frequent a gym such as this, you find yourself listening for the bell every few minutes, watching the workouts of the individuals who frequent the gym, the interaction of the owner with the boxers and the talk amongst the boxers themselves (and perhaps, the one visitor who keeps talking, but never doing). It encourages you to show up the next day ready for work.

  2. Margaret Reyes Dempsey

    Did you watch? I really enjoyed it. Is the bell some kind of circuit training notification to move to the next station? I missed that part.

    There was a woman who seemed pretty good, but what do I know?

    I must admit to being horrified about one scene — the newborn infant in a germy gym. 🙂

    Charlie, I thought your review was spot on. That guy who kept talking and not doing made me laugh.

    1. Girlboxing Post author

      Hey Margaret,

      That is pretty much what a boxing gym is like!!! If you come to Gleason’s Gym — the only difference will be the size, it’s bigger. As for germy … you don’t know the half of it! I will say though, my daughter grew up @ Gleason’s — and was like that little baby … in the gym. My husband used to bring her in the afternoon during his workout. The difference was, the trainers would want to babysit so instead of sleeping in her stroller she’d be sitting on someone’s lap playing with the bling! Even now trainers who’ve been there a while STILL talk about babysitting her whenever she comes into the gym! 😉

      Re: the bell. It is a ring timer and sounds out the 3-minute round cycle as follows: It sounds to begin (a green light), @ 2:30 to give one a :30 warning (yellow light) and at 3:00 (red light) at which point there is a :60 second cycle (rest period) until it rings to start the round again.

      The folks training rain the gamut from great to well, novice.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it!!


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