June crept up out of nowhere it seems.  Places like Cadman Plaza in Downtown Brooklyn are a riot of late spring color as flowers pop of everywhere and the heavily laden trees already feel like July from all of the rain.

Last night we sat outside till dusk at the Greek Festival held every June in our neighborhood.

The food was amazing and the deserts that much sweeter when mingled with the early June air.

While not exactly Greece, it felt warm and comfortable to sit outside under the gathering darkness with hints of Greek music underscoring the lively talk of the people sitting around at the festival’s many outside tables.

As as schoolgirl, June was always my favorite.

I counted down the days till the end of the month when school would let out and was forever being chided in the class room for looking dreamily out of the window.

I have that feeling now — wanting nothing better than to don shorts and a pair of flops from here on out.

That and to head on over to the gym to workout in the heat and sweat some more.


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