84th Annual Daily News 2011 Golden Gloves Finals: April 7 & April 8 @ Madison Square Garden Theater!

84th Annual Daily News 2011 Golden Gloves Finals:  April 7 & April 8 @ Madison Square Garden Theater!

April 7th Bouts, 7:00 PM Start

106 Lb. Women
Brittany Delgado – Veterans Memorial
Natalie Gonzalez – Main St. BC

119 Lb. Women
Lindsay Tolpa – Main St. BC
Misato Kamegawa – Atlas Cops n Kids

114 Lb. Novice
Christian Castro – Ardon Sweet Science
Oscar Moreno – Brotherhood BC

123 Lb. Open
Jaime Estrada – Newburgh BC
Frankie Garriga – Morris Park BC

165 Lb. Women
Christina Jensen – Veterans Memorial
Jennifer Egan – Gleason’s Gym

165 Lb. Novice
Joseph Scalafani – Veterans Memorial
James Clarke – Unattached

132 Lb. Women
Bertha Aracil – Atlas Cops N Kids
Camille Currie – Gleason’s Gym

141 Lb. Open
Cristino Ceballo – Mendez BC
Patrick Day – Freeport PAL


125 Lb. Women
Sylvia Yero – Willis Ave. BC
Heather Hardy – Gleason’s Gym

152 Lb. Open
Christopher Galeano – Mendez BC
Jeremy Fiorentino – Win or Die BC

132 Lb. Open
Louis Cruz – Atlas Cops N Kids
Marcos Suarez II – Atlas Cops N Kids

178 Lb. Novice
Anthony Pegues – Main St. BC
Michael Fischetti – Tiger Schulmann

201 Lb. Novice
Daniel J. Girace – Ray Longo’s MMA
Max Tassy – Redemption BC

201+ Lb. Open
Elijah Thomas – Willis Ave. BC
Iegor Plevako – Win or Die BC

April 8th Bouts, 7:00 PM Start

141 Lb. Women
Christella Cepeda – Yonkers YMCA
Kathleen Walsh – Heavy Hitters BC

123 Lb. Novice
Steven Garrido – Cornerstone BC
Michael Stoute – Veterans Memorial

114 Lb. Open
Hamzah Alnuzaili – Atlas Cops N Kids
Juan Roman – Win or Die BC

152 Lb. Novice
Kamil Abdulshanov – Win or Die BC
Obafemi Bakare – Rustam’s BC

178 Lb. Open
DeVaun Lee – New Legends BC
Marcus Browne – Atlas Cops N Kids

132 Lb. Novice
Prince Slaughter – Heavy Hitters BC
Luis Mancilla – Long Island BC

112 Lb. Women
Christina Cruz – Atlas Cops N Kids
Susanna Mellone-Spence – Mendez BC


141 Lb. Novice
David Green – Gym X BC
Julio Arce – Tiger Schulmann

165 Lb. Open
Herve Duroseau – Freeport PAL
Raul Nuncio – Glen Cove BA

152 Lb. Women
Nisa Rodriguez – Mendez BC
LaTarisha Fountain – Unattached

201 Lb. Open
Mark Sinatra – Brotherhood BC
Joseph Williams – Rockaway Ropes BC

201+ Lb. Novice
Gary Burrell – Gleason’s Gym
Eugene Russell – Unattached

For more information on tickets click here.  You can also contact Gleason’s Gym.  They’ve set aside a nice block of tickets! Call (718) 797-2872 or email info@gleasonsgym.net

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