When life happens

When life happens.  (UPDATED)

Our hearts go out to the people of Japan as they recover from the devastation of last night’s 8.9 earthquake.  These sorts of events remind us that much of life is out of our control and that no matter how hard we try and how much we prepare, life happens.

The images of a wall of water in some places as high as 30 feet making is way inland over the farmlands and towns of Northern Japan also remind us that life’s knockdowns are filled with twists, turns and the ripple effects of an original event.

Still whether a knockdown in the ring, a terrible personal loss or the experience of an overwhelming natural event, the point is to do one’s best to “roll” with the punches while helping others who may be worse off than ourselves.

UPDATE – scarier than we knew …

The tsunami has had devastating effects on the countryside in the region of Sendai — and now, there are two nuclear power plant facilities that have been declared nuclear emergencies.  One of the plants just sustained an explosion of one of its nuclear reactors, and the roof of that reactor has reportedly collapsed.  Experts are stating that a “Chernobyl”-style incident is unlikely due to the reactor’s design, still, it seems that a meltdown of some kind is occurring — along with the potential for catastrophic outcomes.  It’s not for this post to comment on the relative merits of nuclear power, suffice it to say, we fear for the human toll of these extraordinary events and urge everyone to provide what assistance they can during this terrible time for the people of Japan.

>>> One suggestion is to text REDCROSS @ 90999 to make a $10 donation in support of Red Cross disaster relief efforts for earthquake victims in Japan.

For further updates, the New York Times is here.  Guardian (UK) is here.

4 thoughts on “When life happens

  1. ybsteam

    9.45 British time, just heard that their could be a radioactive leak at one of the plants.
    One thing about living in England we just don’t get anything like major earthquakes, tsunami’s or any other natural disasters, things dont look good.

  2. girlboxing Post author

    I’m just home from work and watching reports of the dangerous situation at the nuclear plant where efforts to effect cooling have failed. Otherwise the pictures are just devastating. I’ve spent time in Japan, not in Sendai, but south in Tokyo & Kyotoa, and in the west of Japan in Nigata where there have been serious after shocks. I cannot imagine the fear and suffering of people caught in this or of the uncertainty they feel about the future.

    1. girlboxing Post author

      Apparently there was an explosion at the Fukashima nuclear plant 150 miles or so north of Tokyo — and as a result the roof of a reactor collapsed. That can’t be good, and reportedly the evaluation area has now been extended to 20 KM. Scary stuff…


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