19 Years ago today

19 years on …

The World Trade Center was my point of reference from the first time I spied the towers in the fog looking south on Sullivan at the corner of Bleecker in Greenwich Village.  I was with my father, with whom I used to roam the City on our occasional Sunday’s together. The towers had been on our radar all through its construction. We’d pass by the towers first as a hole in the ground and then as partially constructed buildings as we peered up from under the old West Side Highway on one of our jaunts through the docks on our way to Battery Park.

That night, with the windows illuminated in shrouded light felt magical and has been a point in time I have always treasured.

When I gaze on the City now, I feel the holes in the sky as a huge ache in my heart.

It happens whether I am looking across from the vantage point of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade or most recently from the vantage point of the Rockaway Ferry looking across towards Manhattan just past the Marine Park Bridge.

Our nation, our citizenry, our sense of who we are as a people have undergone many, many transformations since the ill-fated morning of September 11, 2001. Some have been for the good, but much, as now, has been fraught with conflict, fear, dislocation, and the kind of damage that can take generations, if ever, to heal.

I can only offer my fervent hope that we will persevere to better days.

1 thought on “19 Years ago today

  1. Patti Claflin

    Painful day. I will never forget smiling at 3 of the terrorist the night before at the Swiss Chalet in Boston as we all were checking into the same motel. They asked Pren if he knew of a good bar near by, so Pren laughed and told them his drinking days were over, but that they could cross over Rt 9 and go to a place in the Chestnut Hill Maul. I smiled and said good night. How was I to know. We figured it out the next day when their car which had been parked next to our car was on news. Weeks later the FBI showed up at the Bookworks on Nantucket to talk to us. Pren told them about the bar conversation and I told them I smiled. Sick. Be well. But never forget.

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