USA Boxing’s 2nd Women’s Int’l Dual Series!!!


Check out boxing live!  From 6:00 PM ET each evening!

USA Boxing’s 2nd Women’s Int’l Dual Series!!!


The second annual Women’s International Dual Series will be held from November 15 – 18, 2011 in Oxnard, California.  Given that the upcoming debut of women’s boxing in the 2012 Olympics, this years women’s boxing boxing series should be particularly memorable!

The event will host elite amateur boxers from six nations in the three Olympic weight classes (Flyweight-112 lbs, Lightweight-132 lbs and Middleweight-165 lbs) and will include fighters from Mexico, Canada, Russia, Germany and Poland, and four squads from the United States.  It should be noted that all 12 of the fighters representing the U. S. have qualified for the first-ever  trials for the U. S. Olympic Team tentatively scheduled for February of 2012.

This gives everyone the opportunity to cheer for these fabulous athletes who have worked so hard to get this far!

Following on the heals of the recently contested Pan American Games and European Women’s Boxing championships, the Dual Series competition will be a wonderful opportunity for these incredible fighters to further hone their skills ahead of next years Olympics.

The tournament itself will be a round-robin style competition giving each boxer an opportunity to face a different opponent on each day of the competition — with events starting at 6:00 PM each evening.

Tickets are available at the door and are $10 per day for adults and $5 for kids, 6-17. Ringside seats can purchased for $20 and children under five will be admitted free. For more information, go to

The roster for the games as published by USA Boxing is as follows!

U.S. Rosters

Red Team One

112 lbs: Poula Estrada, Palmdale, Calif.

132 lbs: N’yteeyah Sherman, Barberton, Ohio

165 lbs: Alyssa Defazio, Wittman, Ariz.
Coach: Bruce Kawano, Pearl City, Hawaii

Coach: Anthony Huizar, Whittier, Calif.

Red Team Two

112 lbs: Christina Cruz, New York, N.Y.

132 lbs: Mikaela Mayer, Los Angeles, Calif.

165 lbs: Tika Hemingway, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Coach: Gloria Peek, Norfolk, Va.

Coach: Jose Banales, Las Vegas, Nev.

Blue Team One

112 lbs: Cynthia Moreno, Phoenix, Ariz.

132 lbs: Tiara Brown, Lehigh Acres, Fla.

165 lbs: Tiffanie Ward, Hacienda Heights, Calif.

Coach: Rocky Garza, Oxnard, Calif.

Coach: Vernon Lee, San Diego, Calif.

Blue Team Two

112 lbs: Tyrieshia Douglas, Baltimore, Md.

132 lbs: Lisa Porter, Valley Village, Calif.

165 lbs: Franchon Crews, Baltimore, Md.

Coach: Christy Halbert, Nashville, Tenn.

Coach: Fausto de la Torre, Pasadena, Calif.

International Rosters

112 lbs: Silvia Torres
132 lbs: Cinthya Robles
165 lbs: Alma Ibarra

Flyweights/112 lbs
Karolina Michalczuk
Sandra Drabik

Lightweight/132 lbs
Karolina Graczyk
Sandra Kruk

Middleweight/165 lbs
Lidia Fidura
Katarzyna Furmaniak


112 lbs: Elena Savelyeva
132 lbs: Sofya Ochigava
165 lbs: Nadezhda Torlopova

112 lbs: Azize Nimani
132 lbs: Julia Irmen

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