Great Women’s Boxing: Kaliesha West’s WBO title defense on 8/20!


Kaliesha West and Jessica Villafranca, Photo: HG Boxing

In true warrior fashion, Kaliesha West defended her WBO title against challenger Jessica Villafranca through ten rounds of exciting non-stop action!  The judges scored the bout 97-95, 99-91, and 96-94.  With her win, Kaliesha not only improves her record to 14-1-3, 4-KO’s, but also shows her ability to compete on a wider international stage. Kudo’s to Kaliesha and her team for making the decision to jump to the next level!

Great Women’s Boxing:  Kaliesha West’s WBO title defense on 8/20!

All I can say is what a great summer for women’s boxing!

Next up, California’s fabulous Kaliesha “Wild Wild” West (12-1-3, 4-KO’s) will take on Mexico’s Jessica Villafranca (12-2-0, 6-KO’s) in a 10-round WBO Female Bantamweight championship battle at the Black Pyramid Casino in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico.  The bout will be aired on Mexico’s Televisa network at 8:00 PM, CT as part of the HG Boxing’s “Triple Corona” card.

This will be Kaliesha West’s debut fight under the auspices of promoter Hector Garcia, who adds West to HG Boxing’s other phenomenal women’s boxing champions including Ana Maria Torres and Arely Mucino.  This is great for women’s boxing in general — and a terrific opportunity for Kaliesha to get to the next level in her career.

For further information on Kaliesha West you can add her official fan page on Facebook here. You can also follow Kaliesha West on twitter: @kwildwildwest.

8 thoughts on “Great Women’s Boxing: Kaliesha West’s WBO title defense on 8/20!

    1. Girlboxing Post author

      Kaliesha West is a really great boxer — and her dad, who manages her, has been very smart in how he has help her to steer her career. Going to Mexico and working with a Mexican promoter is a smart choice in that the exposure is huge there — with serious television coverage, et al.

      BTW, so glad you’re able to comment again and I’m hoping that it went smoothly this time! :

  1. Aficionado

    Sadly, It’s a very bad moment for female boxing in Europe and USA; but, at least, we have great bouts in Latinamerica. Mainly, Argentina, and more recently in Mexico; but, also in other countries we have important names.

    Kaliesha West is a great boxer and she is in the right way. I believe we will have a great bout because Jessica Villafranca, in spite of her age, has a long amateur career and she is a good fighter. She lost her two world title bouts; but, in the first one, she was stoled; and, in the second, she was over her natural weight and against one of the best technical fighters in the world: Erica Farías.

    Jessica is the local girl; it won’t be easy for Kaliesha

    1. Girlboxing Post author

      Thanks so much for your comment. I agree that this is a great fight for Kaliesha West — and a very smart move to take advantage of the more englightedned view towards women’s boxing in Mexico these days especially with respect to access to bigger and better venues and live televised bouts.

      1. Aficionado

        Thank you for your answer.

        Yes, I agree, very smart move for Kaliesha.

        Now, I am sorry. in my previous comment, I didn’t realize about a very important point for this match : The weight.

        The Jessica’s usual weight is around 124. When I said she fought Erica Farías over her natural weight (Her weight was 133.5 in that one), I didn’t realize, against Kaliesha, she is fighting very under it (she weighted 116); but, Kaliesha is in her usual weight; therefore, Kaliesha has a great advantage.

        The match against Erica was in February 25; therefore, Jessica lost around 17 pounds in six months; and this crazy change is immediatley after she was almost 10 over her usual weight. Very bad for Jessica, the worst thing for a boxer are the huge changes in the weight.

        Something is bad with some managers and promoters; it’s the dark side in this story.

      2. Girlboxing Post author

        I appreciate your insightful comments, especially with regard to Jessica’s weight. The whole matter of gaining and losing weight is problematic at best, and when you consider how light Jessica was to begin with losing 17 pounds can have a huge effect on muscle mass, et al. This happens in men’s and women’s boxing — but for women who have much few opportunities to compete it seems to be an even larger problem given the % of total body weight lost or gained to make weight for individual bouts. I agree, this is a dark side of the story for women’s boxing as a whole. Thanks again!

  2. Aficionado

    First, Congratulations Kaliesha !!. For a comment about it, I will wait to see the bout on youtube (Well, I rely on it will avalaible soon).

    Now, in connetion to the problem around Jessica’s weight, I full agree. There are many female boxers with the same problem, and, of course, the main reason is because there are not enough fighters avalaibles. I hope after the olimpic games, we will have a better conditions when several amateurs good fighters will turn on professionals.

    Anyway, Jessica is an extreme example. She needs a chance in her own weight. Three world title bouts and any in the right weight !!!. She is good fighter. I feel bad for Jessica.

  3. Aficionado


    Do you know if Kaliesha – Jessica is already avalaible on the web ?. I have been looking for it; but, nothing. Worst, I saw several importante mexican bouts deleted on youtube. Censorship ?. I am very worried. Ok, free live transmition must be blocked, it’s right action, and it’s also a logical action to be blocked some hours or days after it; but, finally, to have a real support and real fans around the world, the fans must be enabled to see it after the bout. If Televisa is also blocking, our only source will be TyC Sports (the argentinian bouts) and maybe some special events in countries with very few female cards, as Peru or Uruguay. If I am right, this is a very bad new, really the worst. Do you know something about it ?


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