MMA & Boxing: Taking a look!

MMA & Boxing: Taking a look!

I’m still trying to grapple with the sport of MMA (no pun intended).  It is certainly fast, exciting and tough.  With a growing fan base and movements to legalize MMA bouts in more states including, New York, I  thought it might be fun to post a few videos, courtesy of YouTube to see the great New Mexico fighter, Holly Holm in her first MMA bout as compared to Holly’s performance in a boxing match with Brooklyn’s own Belinda Laraquente.

From Holly Holm’s recent MMA debut bout vs. Christina Domke:

Classic Holly Holm vs. Belinda Laraquente in the ring from 2009:

Your thoughts will be appreciated!


2 thoughts on “MMA & Boxing: Taking a look!

  1. Lisa Creech Bledsoe

    Eh, I got bored with the MMA match and skipped down to watch the boxing. Great stuff, that. It’s amazing to me how much ENERGY Holly has. Belinda too! And I kept thinking that was Melissa Hernandez in the ring with Holly. You can see where Melissa learned her style, huh?

    1. girlboxing Post author

      I’m with you. Maybe it’s the whole cage thing that turns me off. But to your point about the fighting, the skills were so much better and more interesting in the boxing match. And a giant yes to your observation about Melissa Hernandez!


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