Shadow boxing in the dark

Shadow boxing in the dark

I’m up really early this morning with a full day in front of me and no likelihood of getting to the gym this afternoon.   So here I am, ready to do at least a little something at home.  The hard part is figuring out how to get started when all I really want to do is get back to bed.

This morning I’m shadowboxing to “Payback,” by James Brown.  The thing about the song is I can move to it and imagine that I’m hitting a giant double-ended bag as I shadowbox in the living room.

Mostly what I love about this song is the sway.  And somewhere around the lyric, “gotta deal with it, gotta deal with it” I’m into the groove.  Jab, jab, right, left hook, right upper cut, left upper cut, left hook, left.

After the song finishes, I have an instance of “what now,” panic.  Playing it again feels right and with muscles starting to wake-up it does feel good to prance around the room.


2 thoughts on “Shadow boxing in the dark

  1. Vanessa Guerin


    I am writing to request permission to use the image of the girl shadowboxing, and wonder if you hold the rights to the image, as it appears to be a vintage photograph.

    The image would be used for one week only as a banner for daily meditations that address the psychology of “shadowboxing” (or shadow work with the forgotten or denied shadow self)

    If you do not hold the rights to the image, please let me know the source of it,


    Vanessa Guerin
    Director of Communication Arts


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