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malissasmith.ahistoryofwomensboxing-1My name is Malissa Smith.

I am an author and women’s boxing historian.

My love affair with boxing began as a young girl, but wasn’t realized fully until I walked myself into Gleason’s Gym in January of 1997 and began to train.

While I’ve never competed, per se, I have had to test myself beyond my limits to face the truths that come when one lives fully in the moment. And really, there is nothing like a punch in the mouth to understand what it means to be awake. 

Boxing not only awakened me, but truly uncaged my soul bringing me to the other passion in my life, writing. 

I am the author of A History of Women’s Boxing, the first comprehensive history of the sport published by Rowman & Littlefield in June 2014.

It is also why I continue to write the Girlboxing blog which has been a labor of love since I first started it back in October 2010. 

My current boxing related activities include:

International Boxing Hall of Fame – Selection Committee Member and Voting Member for the Women’s Modern Boxers and Women’s Trailblazer Boxers induction categories.

International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame –  Board Member

Ring Magazine – Women’s Boxing Ratings Committee Member

I am a co-host for the WAAR Room a weekly conversation about topics in boxing and sports justice with Chris Baldwin and Eddie Goldman. The show is available on YouTube’s popular WAAR Sports Channel and be sure to hit the “Like” and “Subscribe” buttons!. 

I make regular appearances on boxing podcasts and related shows to talk about the sport. (See Media page for links to latest appearances.)

My public appearances and motivational speaking engagements feature discussions of boxing, women’s empowerment, caregiving, retirement, and related topics. My most recent boxing appearance was at the 8th Annual International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame induction event at the Orleans Casino in Las Vegas on August 14, 2021. I had the honor of presenting the awards to the 2020 and 2021 Inductees and Special Awardees.  I was also a motivational speaker for the inaugural Crosspoint Queens, Retired and Inspired series on November 15, 2021.

Feel free to contact me for information on availability for public speaking or related engagements. My email is:

Social Media Contacts below:

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