Boxing Gear

Basic Boxing Gear for getting started:

Handwraps (at least two pairs)
Jump rope (Plastic or Leather)
Boxing Shoes (Nike & Adidas both make inexpensive low-top shoes that are comfortable and give you the flexibility you need to pivot around)
Boxing Gloves 10 – 16 Oz. (Usually not necessary for beginners – if you are planning on sparring or entering amateur competitions ask your trainer what size is generally used)

As you advance:

Speedbag 6 or 7 inch size (with attachment ring)
Double-ended bag 6 or 7 inch size (with elastic bungee cord & clips on each end)
Air pump with needle
Bag gloves (large padded or hand gloves)

If you’re planning on sparring:

Plastic mouthpieces (It’s worth it to invest in a decent one that will allow you to mold it easily)
Protective Head Gear (should cover you head and most of your face)
Protective Body Gear (kidneys & groin area and breast protector)
Don’t forget to ensure that your hands are well-wrapped and that your boxing gloves fit well and are appropriate for your bout!

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T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Bags, Hats and more!

Online Boxing Gear Websites:

For customized boxing gear:

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